2018-2019 EXECUTIVE

Sylvia vanCampen, President 
Bobbie Wylie, VP
Judy Haddad, Treasurer 
Paula Carmichael, PL 
Mike Baker
Shane Schwendemann
Jenny Brundige
Kyle McCullough
Leeann Blondin

 Local President: Sylvia vanCampen

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This page was last updated: November 8, 2018

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Your daily rate is $233.91.

Check PD info page 
and our Interactive Calendar

Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan
is owned by you and provides 
OT health & dental insurance 
at reasonable rates as well as 
Long Term Disability, car and house insurance. 
Welcome to a new school year! 

 Please take a moment and become familiar with our website as there are many fabulous resources and event opportunities to enhance your occasional teaching experience.  Check back often for new content!
Please see the PL page for important information about OTF Subsidies.
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