Upper Canada Occasional Teachers

  1. UCOTL has 2 delegates to the ETFO Annual Meeting, held in Toronto in August. It develops the policies and direction of the Federation (also referred to as the Union). The Annual Meeting also elects the president, 3 released officers and the other members of the Provincial Executive (total of 14 members). This Executive serves as the Directors of the Federation and make important decisions about the focus of this organization and the financial implications of each area of focus. Our provincial President is Sam Hammond, our First Vice-President is Karen Campbell, the Vice-President is Nancy Lawler and the Vice-President (female) is Monica Rusnak. Diane Dewing is OTF President. Through the website (etfo.ca) members may also apply to serve on various provincial committees. These committees advise the executive about important issues and initiatives concerning which they have special expertise.

Get Involved With Your Federation​ 

Being involved with Federation has some great perks! In addition to meeting colleagues from across UCDSB, you have the opportunity to create change. There is something for everyone’s talents -- Committees, action for social justice, social events. Think about joining in!

Committees – mileage, dependent care, meal and release time as required. Email sylvia@uppercanadaot.com to request a place on a committee

Collective Bargaining – learn about the negotiation process and have input on changes to your collective agreement.

Communication – help us review and improve all our communication to members. We meet twice a year.

Equity and Status of Women – work toward a more just society by supporting people and organizations who work to create change.

Member Engagement – plan events and actions that will keep members connected with their Federation. 

Political Action / Public Relations – explore ways to connect teacher issues with current ideas, actions and events in communities and the political realm. Many people think they know what happens in classrooms & schools but do they? Connect with activists in communities across UCDSB and Ontario.