Who we are
Occasional Teachers working at UCDSB are members of the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.  ETFO represents 76,000 teachers in Ontario and is the second largest teachers union in Canada. Occasional  teachers belong to a separate bargaining group from the contract teachers.  Our Local is called UCOL (Upper Canada Occasionals' Local) and we have approximately 650 members who work as supply teachers.  While all of our members are qualified teachers, they are a heterogenous group.  Some are retired teachers, some are career Occasional Teachers and others see OT work as a way of gaining experience before obtaining a full-time teaching contract.

What we do
Under the law, our job is to negotiate a Collective Agreement with the school board and then to ensure that it is followed.  We do that and much much more:
  • Professional Development & Learning  PDL) Local & Provincial conferences and workshops
  • Lending Library (see resource tab)
  • Awards - Excellent Schools and President's Award
  • Poltiical Action and Public Relations
  • Legal Assistance

​Who runs the Local?
At the Local level, you elect an Executive at the Annual Meeting held in May.  This year your elected representatives are:  Sylvia vanCampen, President, Bobbie Wylie, VP, Judy Haddad, Treasurer, Paula Carmichael, Professional Learning Chair, as well as Members-at-large Shane Schwendemann, Mike Baker, Jennie Brindige, Kyle McCullough, Leeann Blondin. A short profile of each executive member can be found at the end of this section and the Contact page will put you in touch with them.

How do Local leaders stay current?
The individual Locals meet with other Locals and affiliate unions in their areas  to share information, better utilize resources and form a larger picture of local needs.  Leaders of individual Locals also meet three times a year at Representative Council in Toronto to evaluate the policy and direction of ETFO and to develop actions which complement them.  Leaders in the Eastern Region meet in October and March and all occasional teacher leaders meet in September and June.

How are YOUR concerns heard by provincial ETFO?
UCOL has 2 delegates to the ETFO Annual Meeting, held in Toronto in August. It develops the policies and direction of the Federation (also referred to as the Union).  The Annual Meeting also elects the president, 3 released officers and the other members of the Provincial Executive  (total of 14 members). This Executive serve as the Directors of the Federation and make important decisions about the focus of this organization and the financial implications of each area of focus.  Our provincial President is Sam Hammond, our First VP is Karen Campbell, the Vice-president is Nancy Lawler and the VP (female) is Maureen Weinburger.  I sit sit on this executive and speak often about educational issues emerging in our schools. Diane Dewing is OTF President.  Through the website (etfo.on.ca) members may also apply to serve on various provincial committees.  These committees advise the executive about important issues and initiatives concerning which they have special expertise.


President  - S. Van Campen.
Sylvia is in her 20th year of Occasional Teaching and has been working as an OT with the UCDSB since 2000.  She has served on our local executive for fifteen years; as a Member-at-large, Awards Chair, Communications Chair, PD Chair, Collective Bargaining Committee, Equity Chair and Occasional Teacher-Board Relations Committee member and Treasurer.  Sylvia has participated in many ETFO workshops and conferences and is knowledgeable of both Local and Provincial issues. Provincially she served on the Special Education Committee (2007 - 2011 and is a trained ETFO Presenter.  She was the recipient of the UCOL President's Award in 2010 for her contributions to the Local and the support of members.​ This year Sylvia is serving her second year as our Chief Negotiator.

Vice-President -  Bobbie Wylie
Member Engagement Chair
In 2009, Bobbie graduated from Queen’s University with an honours degree in English. She went on to receive her teaching degree the following year. Bobbie taught full-time in the private school system for two years. During that time, she taught students in grades 8 through 10. In the past, she has worked as a homeschool instructor and as a tutor. She is certified to teach in all divisions and she has completed a number of AQ courses. She joined the Upper Canada board in the fall of 2013 as an occasional teacher and she is enjoying the challenges and triumphs associated with this line of work. She has a real interest in special education, mental health, education law, and issues surrounding youth-at-risk. ​

Treasurer - Judy Haddad 
Judy has served on the UCOL executive since 2007.  A retired teacher, Judy continues to contribute to our schools.  Previously she served ETFO as a Drake University course instructor and was Vice President of ETFO-UCL.  Prior to amalgamation, Judy was the president of the Lanark FWTAO. Judy is a valued member of our Collective Bargaining Committee, Treasurer and Chair of the Equity Committee.


Professional Learning Chair - Paula Carmichael

Paula has been an occasional teacher for the past 21 years. She is motivated by the challenge and diversity of being an OT and making a positive difference in the lives of children. Paula has a keen interest in agri-educaton, social justice and special education. She is a past recipient of the President's Award and has attended ETFO's Union School. In addition to Local initiatives and member support, Paula is also an instructor with ETFO in the Additional Qualification (AQ) courses with a concentrated focus on the Occasional Teacher AQ, Student Assessment and Evaluation and most recently Math Part 1. Paula is dedicated to reaching out to new members and promoting professional learning opportunities. As the PD/PL chair, she welcomes your ideas and looks forward to providing engaging and motivating learning opportunities for professional growth and development.

Mike Baker

My name is Mike Baker and I'm on the UCOTL executive for the school year 2018/2019.  I have been a member of the executive for several years, serving on various committees during my tenure. Political Action, New Members and Men's Committee are just a few of the roles I have taken in the past. I've also had the pleasure of serving on the Teachers With Disabilities committee at the provincial level.  I will be serving as a member at large this school year. I will direct any questions or queries you have during the school year to the proper executive member to provide you with a quick and relevant answer
Hope to see you in my travels as an Occasional Teacher!

Have a successful school year,

Mike Baker

Shane Schwendemann

Jennie Brundige

Leeann Blondin

Kyle McCullough

​Kyle is a class of 2015 Queens Faculty of Ed grad. Teaching is a second career for Kyle who spent 20 years in a couple TDSB departments before that. Kyle is happily ensconced on the OT list and likes it because he has a lot on his plate with 3 kids, a football league and is currently running for Carleton Place Town Council in the municipal election.

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