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Across the Alley by Richard Michelson

A is for Algonquin - An Ontario Alphabet  by Lovenia Gorman

 I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings

                    My Brother is Autistic by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

                    Sex is a Funny Word by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth

                    The Sheep Go On Strike by Jean-Francois Dumont

The Way to School by Rosemary McCarney and Plan International
                What would you do to get to school?  For many students the chance                         to go to school takes a great deal of travel and dedication.  Beautiful                             photos from around the world along with simple text, will get students                                      of all ages reflecting on their own school experience.

An Inuksuk Means Welcome by Mary Wallace
                            Words and definition from the Inuit life in the Arctic provide a sense                         of traditions and customs.  A great primary resource.

28 Days-Moments in Black History that Changed the World by Charles R. Smith Jr.
                        A perfect resource for Black History Month and to bring greater                       awareness to inclusion and equity issues.  The events highlighted in this             junior/intermediate picture book will help students understand the extraordinary events that changed all of history!

What Does it Mean to Be Kind? by Rana DiOrio
A fantastic addition to any primary character education program, this book can easily prompt some character building initiatives.  

Amelia to Zora: Twenty-Six Women Who Changed the World by Cynthia Chin-Lee
An alphabet style book highlighting accomplishments of women
 around the world.  From Amelia Earhart, the pilot to 
Zora Neale Hurston, novelist, this book is sure to inspire and inform.

Nelson Mandela by Kadir Nelson
This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of Mandela beginning as a nine year old boy who set out to change the world.  A story of equality and perseverance and one man's quest to create a more just world.

Wall by Tom Clohosy Cole
A picture book about one young boys determination to reunite his family who find themselves on opposite sides of the Berlin Wall.  An excellent discussion starter for social justice issues or history.

Before We Eat - from farm to table by Pat Brisson 
This book puts a face on farming and helps students to understand 
that food doesn't magically appear at the grocery store.  A great resource 
to inspire conversations about food origin.

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Subjects are in order as follows:

Picture Books

Occasional Teaching

Classsroom Management

Differentiated Instruction

Language Arts

Numbers and Numeracy


Social Studies

Art, Music, and Drama

Character Education

French as a Second Language

Special Education

Early Learning Classrooms

Health and Wellness

Professional Reading

The Can Man by Laura E. Williams  2 copies

Ghost Train  by Paul Yee

The Lotus Seed by Shery Garland

One Well:  The Story of Water on Earth by Rochelle Strauss
This a book appropriate for all elementary grade levels.  It is richly illustrated and would be 
a valuable addition to science lessons pertaining to water and conservation.

Kids With Courage:  True Stories About Young People Making A Difference  By Barbara A. Lewis

In Our Mother's House  by Patricia Polacco

Morning on the Lake by Jan Bourdeau

On the Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier

One Green Apple by Eve Bunting
A touching story about the reality that one young girl faces in a new school and a new country.  She is unfamiliar with the language, but soon finds commonalities on a class field trip.  This story puts the reader in the shoes of young immigrant child.  A great resource for character education.

Ryan and Jimmy:  And the Well in Africa That Brought Them Together  by Herb Shoveller

Smoky Night by Eve Bunting

The Sissy Duckling by Harvey Fierstein

The Way to Start A Day by Byrd Baylor

Something Beautiful by Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco

the composition  by Anonio Skarmeta

Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne

Whoever You Are by Mem Fox

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Divali Rose by Vashanti Rahaman

The Quilt of Belonging:  Stitching Together the Stories of a Nation by Janice Weaver

Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting

Freedom Summer by Deborah Wiles

Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine

Mr. Lincoln's Way by Patricia Polacco

My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis

Sandy's Incredible Shrinking Footprint by Fermida Handy and Carole Carpenter

Someday a Tree by Ronald Himler

Somewhere in the World Right Now by Stacey Schuett

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt by Deborah Hopkinson

The Bully Blockers Club by Teresa Bateman

The Memory String by Eve Bunting

The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi

Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts 

Tracking Trash: Flotsam, Jetsam, and the Science of Ocean Motion by Loree Griffin Burns

Under the Quilt of Night by Deborah Hopkinson

You Can, Toucan, Math by David A. Adler

Three Names of Me by Mary Cummings

Shape Up! Fun With Triangles and Other Polygons by David A. Adler

G is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book by David M. Schwartz

Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!: A Mathematical Story by Marilyn Burns

The Great Number Rumble: A Story of MATH in Surprising Places by Cora Lee and Gillian O'Reilly

Data Mania: Pigs, Cows, and Probability by Marcie Aboff

Full House: An Invitation of Fractions by Dayle Ann Dodds

Teaching Early Math Skills with Favorite Picture Books by Constance J. Leuenberger

A Very Improbable Story by Edward Einhorn

The Birdman by Veronika Martenova Charles

Dancing Through the Snow by Jean Little

Weird Parents by Audrey Wood

Occasional Teaching

 Alternatives to Worksheets: Motivational Reading and Writing Activities Across The Curriculum; Grades K-4  Creative Teaching Press, 1992

Answering the Call: A Handbook for Occasional Teachers  Ontario Public School Teachers   1995      Information about managing your career.  Much is still pertinent. 4 copies

Dr. Seuss and the Occasional Teacher  by Chelyl Swackhammer, SERT  2002  
Lesson plans and activities for K-8 based on books commonly found in schools.

Getting The Job You Want, by Wally Moffat,  ETFO, 2004  3 copies

I Am The Teacher:  Effective Classroom Management for the Occasional Teacher  ETFO, 2007
An excellent resource that covers establishing an effective presence, considering student expectations, bonding and connecting with students, effective routines and procedures, effective classroom management techniques and effective instruction.  2 copies

I'm Through!  What Can I Do? Grades 3-4, The Learning Works, 2002
More than 80 puzzles, brainteasers, and creative activities

Story Works, By Bob Barton and David Booth, 2000
Using shared stories in the classroom: what to choose, how to present, follow-up activities, evaluation.

Student Assessment and Evaluation framework,  UCDSB, 2007

Telling Stories Your Way, by Bob Barton,  2000
Identifies key features for effective story-telling and dramatic reading, outlines major types of stories for the telling, including cumulative and sequential and explores the power of nursery rhymes for creative writing and drama.

The Occasion to Lead:  A Resource Guide for Occasional Teachers   ETFO publication  2002   
This binder is full of ideas for OT success.  Cross curricular lesson plans included.

 The Power of Story:  Volume 1     ETFO publication 
(cross curricular lessons K-8)

 The Power of Story:  Volume 2     ETFO publication   2004 
 (cross-curricular lessons K-8)

The Substitute Source Book: Cross-curricular activities  Grades 1-2  World Teachers' Press 2006

The Substitute Source Book: Cross curricular activities  Grades 5-6  World Teachers' Press 2006
Reproducible worksheets and additional activities.

The Substitute Source Book: Cross-curricular activities Grades 7-8  World Teachers' Press 2006

Classroom Management

Classroom Beginnings   ETFO  2000   
An excellent guide when setting up your first classroom and an excellent reminder of positive classroom strategies that work.

Classroom Management;  Orchestrating A Community Of Learners, Performance Learning Systems Inc2005
Complete and extensive binder of resources and strategies.

Teacher Talk:  What It Really Means, by Chick Moorman & Nancy Weber, 1989
Strategies to help students become more self-reliant, ways to improve your teaching skills and build mututally respectful relationships with your students.

Tribes, by Jeanne Gibbs, 1995

Differentiated Instruction

50 Graphic Organizers for Reading Writing & More; Grades 4-8, Scholastic 1999.

 Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom: How to Reach and Teach All Learners, Grade 3-12, by Diane Heacox, 2002

Differentiation in Action: A Complete Resource with Research-Supported Strategies to Help You Plan and Organize Differentiated Instruction and Achieve Success with All Learners  by Judith Dodge  Scholastic  2005
Learn about teaching to student's diverse levels of understanding and learning styles, foster intrinsic motivation, design lessons to help students use higher-order thinking skills, develop activities and assessments that build on students' strengths, plan and implement successful tiered lessons and manage flexible instructional groups. 

Introduction to Inclusive Education, by Anne Jordan, OISE,2007
Compliments WileyPLUS, an on-line tool that provides a suite of teaching and learning resources.

Multiple Intelligences:  Theme-based Activities  Grades 1-3  World Teachers' Press  2005
Reproducible activities covering eight intelligences - bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical-rhythmic, naturalist, verbal-linguistic and visual.

The Quality School Teacher: A Companion Volume To The Quality School, by William Glasser, 1998
Specific suggestions for teachers who are trying to implement the lead-management ideas of The Quality School in their classrooms.

Language Arts

An Aboriginal Book List For Children, Ministry of Indian Affairs, 2000

s Long As The Rivers Flow,  by Larrie Loyie & Constance Brissenden, 2002
A memoir that encourages discussion A First Nation Communities Read.

Asmina's Story,  Unicef
A Child Orphaned by AIDS in Africa

Curriculum Connections: Intermediate Reading Resources Grade 7-8, by Feir Johnson, ETFO
A ten day, structured, process for grade seven and eight to use with any reader story.  Contains student information sheets, modified sheets for ESL and special education and evaluation rubric.  May be used with a split grade.

Global Education Program: Primary Lessons, CHF

Global Education Program: Junior Lessons, CHF

Global Education Program: Intermediate Lessons Grade 7-10, CHF

Language Critical Thinking: Creative Puzzles to Challenge the Brain   Grades 5-8  
The Learning Works  2004

Reading Response Forms  Grades 4-6  Innovative Teacher Publishing  2005  
Lots of reproducible forms and ideas to enhance students' response to literature.

Scholastic Read-Aloud Anthology  Grade 5 and Up  2004    
35 short read aloud that build comprehension, listening and higher-level thinking

Story Writing: Creative Writing Projects and Ideas by Denise Bieniek, Troll CreativeTeacher Ideas, 1996
Reproducibles for various writing genres, writing tips and art project ideas.

Take A Closer Look: A Practical Guide To Exploring Issues of Media Violence in the Intermediate Classroom Grades 4-8, ETFO, 2001 3 copies
Lesson plans & activities which can be used individually or as a unit.  These lessons have been used very successfully by our O.T.'s.  Students are extremely motivated by the exploration of media messages so behaviour management is simplified.

Teaching with Robert Munsch Books vol.3  Scholastic Canada, 2007Fun and creative teaching activities using six favourite stories

Teaching With Dear Canada Volume 3, Scholastic 2006
Help students explore Canada's past and build important social studies and language arts skills.  This guide offers story summaries of Banished from Our Home, An Ocean Apart, A Trail of Broken Dreams and Winter of Peril.

Teaching With Dear Canada Volume 4, Scholastic Canada 2006
Help students explore Canada's past and build important social studies and language arts skills.  This guide features summaries of The Death of My Country, No Safe Harbour, A Rebel's Daughter and Turned Away.

The Class That Reads: Best Practices For Teaching Primary Reading, ETFO, 2001

The Gathering Tree, by Larrie Loyie & Constance Brissenden, 2005
A children's book about HIV with a Fisrt Nations storyline.

The Ledger Book of Thomas Blue Eagle, by Jewel H. Grutman& Gay Matthaei, 2005
This book was inspired by ledger drawings made in the late 19th century.  It is based on letters, pictographs and documents from The Carlisle Indian School.

The Write Track: A Handbook for Young Writers, Thinkers and Learners Heath & Co 1996  
Wonderful ideas for guided writing and skill building 

Through Mala's Eyes: Life in an Inuit Community, Indian & Northern Affairs, 2005
Series of lesson plans built around the first-person narrative of a 12 year-old Inuk boy.

When The Spirits Dance, by Larrie Loyie & Constance Brissenden, 2006

Numbers and Numeracy
Making Math Happen In The Primary Years,  ETFO, 2005
Solid information on how to build a curent curriculum-based math program for primary grades.  Key principles, integrating problem solving and commuication in the math program, effective use of resources and much more!

Making Math Happen in the Junior Years   ETFO publication 2004  Solid information on how to build an excellent, current, and curriculum-based math program for junior grades.  Includes much more than theory.  How to set up math journals, integrating meaningful problem solving, sample lessons and questions and much much more.  Excellent professional reading

Making Math Happen in the Intermediate Years  ETFO publication  2003 
As above but focusing on the Intermediate grades.  Sample unit plan included.

Math Critical Thinking  Grades 5-8  The Learning Works 2004  
over 50 reproducible activities

Math Graphic Organizers Grades 3-5 Creative Teaching Press 2003 
Simple and effective strategies for solving math word problems. 


All About Food: Agri-Food Facts Ontario Agri-Food Education, 2005
Overview of the agri-food system, what Canadians eat, food safety, production, land and environment, trade in Canada and much more. 2 copies

Detective, by Pat Gough, Ministry of Agriculture, 2008  (Includes CD-Danger Squirrels)
Agriculture and species at risk: co-existence.

E is for Eggs: A resource for early childhood educators (ages 2-5)  Canadian Egg Marketing Agency
2 copies

Nutritious and Delicious! Vegetables and Fruit: Teacher Guide Grades 1-8  Ontario Agri-Food Education Inc., 2 copies
Lesson plans pertaining to science and technology, health and physical education. (Includes Canada's Food Guide)

Social Studies: Check Character Education heading for additional resources

Aboriginal Perspectives, The Teacher Toolkit,  Government of Ontario, 2008

Canadian Firsts Game  ETFO  2002    This is an excellent resource for the daily casual OT looking for a student motivating unit that combines fun, reading, research, reporting, problem solving and more.  Whether you chose to play the game only or to branch out and create additional game cards identifying Canadian firsts, your students will eat this up.  Could take an hour, a day, a week or two weeks depending on the time available to you.  Grade 4-8

Firsts:  From Aboriginal Peoples to Pioneers   ETFO  2002   
A year long cohesive series of lessons plans tied to the Ontario Curriculum and to Multiple Intelligences.

Global Education Program: Intermediate Lessons (Grades 7-10)  CHF
This is a collection of lesson plans focused around youth understanding rural poor communities in developing countries and some of the forces that perpetuate their cycles of poverty.

If the World Were a Village: A Book About the World's People  Kids Can Press, 2002
This book is about "world-mindedness." It includes chapters on nationalities, languages, ages, religions, food, air and water, schooling and literacy, money and possessions, electricity, the village in the past and the village in the future.  Also included are some idead related to teaching children about the global village.  Some very interesting statistics!

Information and Communication Technology: Skills Continuum JK-8, by Jane Hume-Bain & Alison Sampson

Keeping Our Cool: A Climate Change Primer, National Union, 2006

Life in a Castle by Kay Eastwood  2003
Components of a Medieval World

MAP: A Developing World, Canadian Geographic, 2004

Medieval Society by Kay Eastwood  2004 
Components of a Medieval Society

Prime Ministers of Canada  4-8 reproducible activities   2002  
60 reproducible worksheets and information pages covering 21 Prime Ministers including Paul Martin.

Science and Technology in the Middle Ages by Joanne Findon & Marsha Groves  2005
Ideas and Inventions, farming, weapons, medicine, transportation, etc.

The NNADAP Story Book,  2006 (National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program)
A collection of stories provided by individuals who have been personally impacted by the program.

The Life of a Knight by Kay Eastwood   2003
The Middle Ages

Weather & Us, Grade 5 Curriculum Resource, ETFO, 2003
Earth and Space Systems Strand - Weather

You Choose: Student Vote 2004  ETFO & OECTA 
This curriculum resource allows a hands-on examination of the Canadian democratic process.  While it was developed for the 2004 election it lends itself to an electoral simulation.  Much discussion focuses on rights and responsibilities.  Many lessons could be done as by OT's in a daily casual assignment. 

Art, Music and Drama

1900-2000: A Century of Women at Work, Ontario Federation of Labour, 2007
A companion booklet to "A Century of Women at Work" Art Exhibit.  3 copies

Brand New Age, Steel Worker's Choir CD

Children of the Morning Activity Book and CD by Jack Grunsky & Louise Cullen, 1992
Includes activities for enhancing literacy, numeracy, social and environmental issues through "World Music".

Dream Music for the Peaceful Classroom: Songs & Chants about Peacemakers, Legends and Heroes, includes CD "World Safari" by Jack Grunsky, 2004

Dream Music for the Peaceful Classroom: Songs and Chants about Peacemakers Legends & Heroes
Jack Grunsky (Includes cassette)

ETFO Arts: Introducing Visual Arts, Drama, Dance, and Music in the Junior Grades, ETFO, 2007
CD Included. Includes teaching tips and assessment tips.  2 copies

I Can Read: Family Chime In Club,by Louise Cullen and CD "Follow the Leader" by Jack Grunsky
Includes CD 

Imaginary Window Activity Book and CD, by Jack Grunsky & by Louise Cullen, 1992
Includes activities for enhancing literacy, numeracy, social and environmental issues through "world music."

Once upon A Time: Fairytale Chants and Other Rhythm & Rhyme, includes CD "Tickles and Tunes" by Kathy Reid-Naiman  2 copies
Excellent music and movement for early years and grade 1

Patrick Douglas' Best (CD set - 4)   by Patrick Douglas  (2 sets)
Includes Not Very Scary Stories, Silly Little Stories for Smart Little Kids, Tall Tales and Teddy Bears and Dinosaurs, Dragons and Daydreams.

Solid Gold 3R's: Songs!   Chants!  Rhymes & Raps for Language, Math & Science Classrooms  
Ideas, lyrics and CD

Solid Gold for Kids: Musical Energizers from the Global Jukebox, by Louise Cullen, 1995, 2 copies
A great resource with many ideas to bring music in to the classroom.

Solid Gold for the Classroom: Experiences to Enhance Literacy Across the Curriculum,by Louise Cullen
Experiences to enhance literacy across the curriculum in language, math, science and technology, the arts, global, social and environemntal themes.

Storytime Rhythm & Rhyme: Sing! Clap! Chant! Rap!  With CD "Friends Forever" by Sharon,Louis, & Bram, 1998
An excellent primary resource! 

Character Education

CD: "Arresting Violence: A Resource Guide for Schools & Their Communities, by Peter N. Ross, Ontario Public school Teachers' Federation, 1998

Community Role Models: Algoma ETFO  2004  Contains lesson plans by grade (Grade 1  Chinese New Year and Community Helpers; Grade 2/3  Aboriginal Clan Wall Hangings; Grade 4 Cultural Storytelling; Grade 5  How Immigrants Apply for Citizenship; Grade 6 Oral Storytelling; Grade 7 New France; Grade 7/8 Substance Abuse; Grade 8 Canada:  A Changing Society)

Community Role Models: Hastings-Prince Edward   ETFO   2000  Lesson plans based on Mohawk teaching, language, history and culture are useful for those teaching Grade 6 social studies.

Critical Media Literacy CD, Addressing Violence in the Media,  OTF, 2007

ETFO Human Rights Materials  2004   posters and pamphlets focusing on equity issues

Imagine a World Free from Fear: A K to 8 resource addressing issues related to homophobia and heterosexism ETFO  2004    Lesson plans, reproducible worksheets,, stories and suggested reading all organized by four themes (Pride and Respect; Safe Schools and Safe Communities; Anti-bullying and Conflict Resolution; and Relationships) and with lessons divided by grade.

Race Against Time: Searching for Hope in Aids-ravaged Africa, by Stephen Lewis, Massey Lectures, 2006

Reflections of Me:  The ETFO Body Image Project   2004  Curriculum-linked instructional strategies which enhance social skill development, the building of positive self-esteem and bully-proofing strategies

Respecting Cultures and Honouring Differences_ A Supplement to We're Erasing Prejudice for Good  ETFO  Contains much food for thought as well as lesson plans, rubrics, reading lists divided by grade and themes by month.

Take a Closer Look: A practical guide to exploring issues of media violence  Grades 4-8  ETFO  2001  Lesson plans and activities which can be used individually or as a unit.  These lessons have been used very successfully by our OT's.  Students are extremely motivated by the exploration of media messages so behaviour management is simplified.  2 copies

The Best Self-Esteem Activities for the Elementary Grades  Interchoice Publishing1990  Lesson plans with worksheets and overheads.  There is a strong drama component and many opportunities for self-reflection.  Emphasis on empathy, self-awareness and respect for diversity.

Thumbs Down: A Classroom Response to Violence Toward Women  Canadian Teachers' Federation  1990   bilingual. Background information and some lesson plans

French as a Second-Language

Step Forward with French:  A curriculum resource for occasional teachers in the French classroom
Hamilton-Wentworth Occasional Teachers and the Hamiliton-Wentworth District School Board
This resource provides materials, basic instructional goals and information in French, with English translations, to support occasional teachers in short-term assignments in the FSL classroom.
Le Canada par les cartes 1   Grades 4-8fsl   Level depends on the group's facility with the language.  Students with less facility could work in partners, complete as a co-op group or do as a guided discussion focusing on "les mots amis"

Le Canada par les cartes 2 Grades 3-4 fs  Apple Press Publishing 2000

Le Canada par les cartes 2   Grades 5-8 fsl  As above

Snappy Starters for French Class by Mary McConnell    Teacher's Discovery   1998  
Most useful for French Immersion classes but could be used with intermediates

Special Education

Effective Educational Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Resource Guide
Ministry of Education, 2007
This resource guide is designed to support educators in elementary and secondary schools in planning and implementing effecitve educational programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  It contains information, strategies, and practices that can be put to use in the school and the classroom,  It also includes a collection of sample materials reflecting current practices in schools, as well as lists of references and resources for further reading.

Learning the Skills of Anger Management by Terri Akin   Jalmar Press 2001
Ready to use lessons for elementary grades.

Special Education Handbook: A Practical Guide For All Teachers, ETFO, 2007.  3 copies
A practical guide developed to support all teachers.  Includes four distinct sections:  special education in Ontario, areas of need: practical strategies for teachers, glossary of special education terms and acronyms and resources.

Special Kids - Special Challenges  by Debbie Ridgers-Learning Resource Coach, Meadowview P.S.  2006   Good background information, and lesson suggestions, for occasional teachers working to meet the needs of our diverse student population.  4 copies

The School Survival Guide for Kids with LD: Ways to Make Learning Easier and More Fun,
by Rhonda Cummings & Gary Fisher, 1991
How to get organized, be a better learner, handle testing, etc.

Early Learning Program

Thinking It Through:  Teaching and Learning in the Kindergarten Classroom  2011  ETFO  
Eleven curriculum resources are contained in this comprehensive binder.  Each describes and explores play-based learning and how to build classrooms that support it. There is a wealth of information, all backed by current research. Booklets include:Thinking It Through 
The Arts - Joyful Learning
Thinking Mathematically
Planning for Learning
Learning in Centres
Child Development
Science and Technology
Health and Physical Activity
Literacy and th eyoung Child
Playing is Learning
Assessment that Informs Instruction

Health and Wellness

Beyond PD Days: Teacher's Work & Learning in Canada,  OTF, 2007

Free The Children, by Craig Kielburger,  2005

Infection in Pregnancy:  Minimizing the Risk in Schools    ETFO publication  

Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World, by Craig & Marc Kielburger,  2006

Motion For Life: Break The Chronic Pain Cycle with a New Exercise Program to Improve Your Everyday 
Life, by Dr. Brodie, Vivetics, 2005

Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, 2004

Pregnancy and Parental Leave,    ETFO publication     bi-lingual

Take Every Precaution reasonable: An ETFO Guide to Occupational Health & Safety in Schools,
ETFO, 2007

The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook, 5th Edition, by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman & Matthew McKay, 2000

When Perfect Isn't Good Enough: Strategies for Coping with Perfectionism, by Martin M. Anthony & Richard P. Swinson, 1998

Professional Reading

Access Without Borders: Planning Accesible Meetings in the Local, ETFO

Act, Revise, Revitalize    Ontario Public School Teachers' Federation  1996                               
A how-to guide on action research for teachers

Building Relationships...to Prevent Bullying:resource Package,  ETFO, 2007

CD: Building for Tomorrow, 2006

Challenging Silence, Challenging Censorship: Inclusive Resources, Strategies and Policy Directives for Addressing Bisexual, Gay,Lesbian, trans-Identified and Two-Spirited Realities in School and Public Libraies, Canadian Teachers Federation, 2007

Dear Sister, Dear Sister: A Collection of Sisterhood Letters from Trade Union Women 
                                   edited by  Nancy Riche,  Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives,  2002

Do's & Don'ts: Medical Procedures & Responsibilities for ESP's and PSP's ETFO  

From the Ground Up: Elementary Teachers' Call to Action in Public Education  ETFO 2001

Fulfilling the Promise:  Ensuring Success for Students with Special Needs  ETFO  2002

It's Elementary, A Brief History of Ontario's Public Elementary Teachers and Their Federations, 
by Barbara Richter,  ETFO, 2008  2 copies

Learning About Walking in Beauty: Placing Aboriginal Perspectives in Canadian Classrooms  
Canadian Race Relations Foundation  2002

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Education Resource List  ETFO  2002

Poverty and Education: Towards Effective Action; A Review of the Literature, ETFO, 2007

Professional Learning To Reshape Teaching,  ETFO, 2006

Reflections on Practice: Participant Research Volume 2,  ETFO, 2006

Reflections on Practice Volume 3   ETFO 2007

Roots of Equality   Grades 1-8  ETFO, 2007  2 copies

Roots of Equality: Resources designed to help educators foster student's healthy, equal relationships & raise awareness of violence against women.  grade 3/4/5,  ETFO, 2007

Roots of Equality: Four Workshops for grade 7-8 Girls,  ETFO,  2007

 Take Action: A Guide to Active Citizenship, by Marc & Craig Kielburger, 2002

Teacher Leadership,  by Ann Lieberman & Lynne Miller, Josey bass Leadership Library, 2006

Teacher Self-Reflection, The Nova Scotia Teachers Union, 2003
A selection of self-reflection instruments.

Teacher Working Conditions That Matter: Evidence for Change, ETFO, 2006  4 copies

The Future of Work... Getting Kids Ready  by Richard Worzel  Trimark Legacy for Learning  2000

The School That Equity Built, by Judy Kwasnica, Jan Moxey and Annemarie Shrouder,  ETFO, 2000

Split Decisions: The Reality of Combined grades in Ontario in 2001  ETFO

Success is not a Spectator Sport: How to Take Action and Achieve More  by Claude M. Marcus   The Empowerment International Group   2004

What's Worth Fighting for in the Principalship: Strategies for Taking Charge in the School Principalship by Michael Fullen  Ontario Public School Teachers' Federation  1997

What's Worth Fighting for Out There by Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullen   
Ontario Public School Teachers' Federation   1998

Women Abuse Affects Our Children, An Educator's Guide, by linda Baker and Peter Jaffe, Government of Ontario, 2007  3 copies


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