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Did you know that there is an Occasional Teacher AQ?

ETFO offers some fabulous courses at AMAZING prices.  
They even offer DESTINATION AQ courses! - Studying in Italy? Wow!  

The complete listing of their course calendar can be found at:

Discover everything from Inclusive Education to Writing Specialist to Occasional Teacher AQ! Check it out...what are you waiting for?

Survive and Thrive
This is an online conference for beginning and occasional teachers. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers whose learning curves are steep and whose needs in the classroom change frequently. It is run by the Ontario Teachers' Federation. Go to and click on Survive and Thrive.

OT Website
Filled with teaching strategies, lesson plans and independent activities, this site will become a sure "go to" for active OT's. There is something for all grades, divisions and subjects.

Special Education Gateway Click on the Spec Ed hotlink This collection of resources and strategies supports your teaching of special education students. You may also share a strategy.

We want your expertise!

Do you have a great workshop that you can share with your education colleagues? Are you great with agri-food education? Technology? Science? Math? Special Education issues? Do you have knowledge to share? Contact your professional learning committee in order to learn more. 

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Local PD Opportunities
Unless otherwise indicated, please register for professional learning at:

*Please note that not all events provide release time.

AQ Subsidies available again!

The Ministry of Education, through the Ontario Teachers’ Federation, is offering financial assistance to teachers wishing to take additional qualification courses. Teachers can apply for a subsidy of up to $450 for each approved course taken in Mathematics or Technology. This subsidy applies to courses completed on or after February 1, 2016. For more information, go to the OTF website. 

The subsidized mathematics courses are
Mathematics, Primary and Junior – Part 1
Mathematics, Primary and Junior – Part 2
Mathematics, Primary and Junior – Specialist
Mathematics, Grades 7 and 8
Mathematics, Intermediate/Senior (ABQ)
Mathematics, Honours Specialist
Any undergraduate mathematics course that is prerequisite to the AQ/ABQ courses listed above

The subsidized technology courses are
Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction, Part 1
Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction, Part 2
Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction, Specialist
Teaching and Learning through e-Learning

The Art and Science of Interviewing Well  - COMING SOON! 

This full day workshop, located in Kemptville, will allow 30 members to get important tips on how to highlight knowledge and skills that will get them to the top of the hire list.


Please send us your workshop requests!
Check out this new professional learning math video series from OTF: