Upper Canada Occasional Teachers



Sylvia van Campen

Bobbie Wylie
Vice President

Shane Schwendemann
Shane has been union oriented for past two decades. It was his passion for equality and parity for occasional teachers that lead him to be more involved in the local and ETFO. Shane became more involved in 2012 and was a bus leader for the ETFO demonstration in August 2012 at Queen's Park. For his dedication to the labour movement and our local, Shane was awarded the President's Award. Since then, Shane has been a member of the executive, a Union School graduate, and part of the CB committee. Shane has also served as PA/PR chair and he was part of the table team during the last round of negotiations of our Collective Agreement. This year, Shane is starting a new adventure as he is in training to become a Parliamentarian. Shane looks forward to helping his colleagues better understand our Collective Agreement and to serve them as a member-at-large on our executive.
Judy Haddad

Paula Carmichael
Professional Learning Chair
For 22 years, Paula has been motivated by the challenge and diversity of being an OT and making a positive difference in the lives of children. Paula has a keen interest in agri-educaton, social justice and special education. She is a past recipient of the President's Award and has attended ETFO's Union School and Collective Bargaining Academy. She is a graduate of the Stitt Feld Handy Group's Effective Negotiation Skills program and currently sits on our local's CB team. In addition to Local initiatives and member support, Paula is also an instructor with ETFO in the Additional Qualification (AQ) courses with a concentrated focus on the Occasional Teacher AQ, Student Assessment and Evaluation and most recently Math Part 1. Paula is dedicated to reaching out to new members and promoting professional learning opportunities. As the PD/PL chair, she welcomes your ideas and looks forward to providing engaging and motivating learning opportunities for professional growth and development. Paula is currently on a year-long LTO and understands the challenges that are often associated with this role. Paula looks forward to supporting you in your role as an occasional teacher!
Mike Baker
Hi, my name is Mike Baker and I'm on the UCOTL executive for the school year 2018/2019. I have been a member of the executive for several years, serving on various committees during my tenure. Political Action, New Members and Men's Committee are just a few of the roles I have taken in the past. I've also had the pleasure of serving on the Teachers With Disabilities committee at the provincial level. I will be serving as a member at large this school year. I will direct any questions or queries you have during the school year to the proper executive member to provide you with a quick and relevant answer. Hope to see you in my travels as an Occasional Teacher! Have a successful school year.
Leeann Blondin

Jennie Brundige
Kyle McCulloch
This is Jennie's first year on the UCOTL executive. She graduated from Carleton University with her B.A. Honours in Art History in 2008, and from Nipissing University with her B.Ed in 2012. She has been teaching for the past 5 years, both on contracts and LTO's. She started in Akwesasne before getting on with UCDSB, and has also taught overseas. She enjoys working as an OT because she gets to enjoy different schools, meet new colleagues and inspire students to learn